There are several ways to join our organization!

  • Visit the FAEP website which does accept online payments!
  • Fill out a FAEP Application and submit with check to FAEP at P.O. Box 7416, St. Petersburg, FL 33734
  • Contact us at for assistance!

When joining NEFAEP, State Chapter membership is also required.  However, you can join more than one chapter!  All chapter membership renewals are available through the FAEP website.  NEFAEP membership fees are $25.  FAEP general membership fees are $40.  Student rates and group memberships are available.

One thought on “Membership

  1. Troy Mancuso

    Hello my name is Troy Mancuso. I am currently enrolled in the S.T.E.M. program for Environmental Science at FSCJ. This program is in danger of cancelation. I have completed 35% of my A.S degree objectives, with the specific field initiative of (Water Quality). I would like to volunteer in any way possible. Also if there is anyone I can contact who would be able to help me with information regarding further schooling please help. Thank You.


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