Board of Directors

Killian Eckert
Mechling Engineering & Consulting, Inc.


Killian Eckert

Mr. Eckert is a Project Engineer with Mechling Engineering and Consulting, Inc. and has been with the firm since 2015.  He is an Engineer-In-Training with three years of environmental and two years of geotechnical consulting experience. He has a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering with a focus in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from the University of North Florida. In his spare time he enjoys photography and being in the outdoors.

Jesse Brown

Brown, Jesse2

Jesse Brown

Mr. Brown is an Associate and Senior Consultant with Golder and has been with the firm since 2000.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida and has over twenty years of environmental and safety consulting experience, predominantly in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, and the Caribbean.  Brown’s primary practice areas are project management and remedial design for petroleum and chlorinated solvent impacted sites.  Mr. Brown is one of Golder’s senior remediation engineers and leads Golder’s Oil and Gas sector for the Florida region.  He has a BS degree in Environmental Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Christy Yates
Gannett Fleming


Christy Yates

Ms. Yates is a Senior Environmental Scientist with Gannett Fleming and has been with the firm since 2002.  She received her B.S. in Forest Resources from Auburn University in 1994 and is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional.  Christy currently serves as a Project Manager for environmental site assessment and remediation projects throughout the Southeastern US. She is also a State of Florida Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent.

Lee Bienkowski
Ellis & Associates, Inc.


Lee Bienkowski received her BA in geology from Bryn Mawr College and her PhD in hydrogeology from the University of Kentucky.  She has been working in environmental consulting since 1990 and has been living in NE Florida since 1993.  She has been treasurer of NEFAEP since 2013.  She currently works as a senior geologist at Ellis & Associates, Inc. in Jacksonville.


Melissa Fagan

Leslie Detlefsen
Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC

State Representative
Stan Stokes
Ellis & Associates, Inc.